The aim of the project was to bring together 36 young people and youth leaders from different cultural backgrounds in order to promote mutual understanding and intercultural learning by allowing them to discover new cultures and traditions and to encourage their active participation in society.

In order to achieve the main aim, the project had the following objectives:

  • To foster mutual understanding, intercultural learning and cooperation between 36 young people and youth leaders from different cultures and differently developed local areas;
  • To promote language learning and linguistic diversity through creative non-formal education methods;
  • To stimulate young people’s spirit of initiative, creativity and active participation in society;
  • To promote and improve participants’ attitudes towards cultural diversity in different local and national realities;
  • To develop young people’s sense of belonging to the common European idea and European citizenship;
  • To foster international cooperation and partnership building between youth organizations from 7 European countries for working on cultural and diversity projects;
  • To promote Erasmus+ programme as tool to work with young people as well as for encouraging active youth participation.

By achieving the aim and objectives of project contributed towards the achievement of general objectives of Erasmus+ and all of the specific objectives of Key Action 1 in field of youth by ensuring promotion of participation in democratic life in Europe, active citizenship, intercultural dialogue; improving key competences and skills of young people; fostering quality improvements in youth work through enhanced cooperation between organisations in youth field and/or other stakeholders; encouraging active participation; and enhancing international dimension of youth activities.

The project “It is All About Love” is funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union through the Key Action 1: Mobility for young people and granted by the Macedonian National agency for European educational programs and mobility.