Participants should choose a comfortable but inexpensive option for travel, to fit in the budget. We recommend buying tickets as early as possible, NO LATER THAN 31st of July!

Before buying the tickets, the participants have to coordinate their choice with us by sending us information about their travel plan with the route, price and the exact dates for arriving and departing. Tickets purchased without the coordinator’s confirmation will not be reimbursed!

Please find flights to Skopje International airport (SKP) >

The arrival date is 22nd of August, so you must arrive before or on that date. The same goes for the departure day which is on 29th of August. You are allowed to stay maximum 2 days before OR after the youth exchange (e.g. 1 day before and 1 day after). However, for this stay, we cannot cover any of your expenses and they are totally on your own budget.

When you reach the airport, you should take a shuttle bus from the airport to the city center of Skopje (we recommend stop of main bus/train station). The shuttle bus timetable is prepared according to the arrivals/departures of flights and is handled by the company ‘Manora’. One-way ticket for the shuttle bus costs 180 MKD. You can check bus schedule on this LINK:

You will receive another set of informaton regarding your transportation to the Venue according to your ticket bookings. Τhat means that either we will support you with information how to reach Popova Shapka or we will organize a shuttle bus for the whole group. It depends on your arrival dates and times.

As of now, there is no need for PCR/Antigen tests for COVID-19 or vaccination certificates in order to enter North Macedonia!


Travel costs will be reimbursed until the budget limit, set by the Erasmus+ programme, based on real costs of the tickets. E.g. if the tickets cost 182 euro and they are within the travel grant range, you will get 182 euro as reimbursement. If they exceed the travel grant per country, then participants should pay the difference.

In order to receive the reimbursement you need to provide the project coordinator with all original travel documents (tickets, boarding passes, receipts, invoices and email confirmations). Some tickets can be given in person, while the others need to be sent by post and via e-mail (original and scanned versions) to [email protected].

  • Reimbursement will be done in EURO within 5 weeks after the activity by bank transfer to your organisation’s bank account or to the group leader.
  • Reimbursement will be transferred only if all participants provide all needed travel documents. We will reimburse the traveling if we have the tickets from the arrival and return. We cannot cover a one-way ticket!
  • Participants cannot travel with first class. Only in certain cases is possible to use taxi or travel by car but you must contact the project coordinator first.

We might be able to reimburse you in person, but we need to check this with the Macedonian National Agency. Anyway, this can only be done if your national group can provide us with all the original travel documents during the youth exchange.

Participants are responsible for obtaining their own health and travel insurances while we will cover a group accident insurance.

Travel grant LIMIT per Participant

  • North Macedonia – 20€
  • Greece – 180€
  • Poland – 275€
  • Slovenia – 275€
  • Italy – 275€
  • Turkey – 275€
  • Hungary – 275€

! The given amounts reffer to travel both ways.